EFT Membership

An "EFT" is where we will automatically deduct the monthly dues from your credit card or bank account. When you first sign up you will be required to pay a one time fee of $12. The package you choose will determine the cost you pay each month. Your monthly dues will deduct out of your account at the first of every month. After three months, you may freeze your account. Your bank account will be charged $5 for every month that it is frozen. After 6 months of having your EFT you may cancel it if you would like to do so.


The bronze package includes two 20 minute beds. One of the beds has red light therapy which helps with acne, age spots, and blemishes. The other 20 minute bed has five facials.

You get 3% off all products with this package.


The Silver package includes two 15 minute beds. One of these beds has facial tanners and the other 15 minute bed does not have facial tanners. You can also get in the bronze beds with this package.

You get 5% off all products. You also receive 1 upgrade to the gold beds.


The gold package includes two 12 minute beds and an 8 minute stand up bed. The two star power beds have shoulder tanners, side tanners, and facial tanners. Keep in mind you can also get in any bed under your package.

You get 10% off any products with this package. You also receive 3 upgrades to the platinum package.


The platinum package includes one 10 minute bed. This bed has facial tanners which are high pressure. You can get any package underneath this one.

You receive 15% off any products. You also receive 3 upgrades to the double platinum package.

Double Platinum

The double platinum package includes one 15 minute bed. This bed is our high pressure bed. This bed will make you 2-3 shades darker in one visit. It is our best bed. It has more bronzing rays than burning rays; therefore, most people do not burn in this bed.

You get 20% off any product. You also receive unlimited spray tans.

*You cannot tan and spray in the same day.


Prices (Monthly)

Double Platinum
 5 Visits
 10 Visits
 15 Visits
 20 Visits
Walk-in (Spray)
Walk-in (Spray & Moist)
Moist Spray
3 Sprays
3 Moists